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The galleries below are from the 2013 Newport Hooters Bikini Contest, which took place March 15th 2013 at the Newport Hooters on the Barge. The contest was held outdoors again in the circus like tent instead of inside the restaurant itself. I was seated in VIP as usual but it was a little cool and chaotic in there but I managed to get a few good shots I think you will like. The Hooters International Bikini Contest will be held in Las Vegas this year so make some donations to the Nsane Photography site via the donation page and I will be able to finance a trip out there for that. Nothing hotter than some Hooter Girls walking around in bikinis so it would be a real nice time to photograph that contest.
Below are the shots and videos from the 2014 Newport Hooters Bikini Contest which is was held May 16th 2014. The date was moved to May from March with the hopes of better weather than we had experienced in the last few years. It was 80's the week before the contest, 45 degrees the day off and 80's again the next week! We braved it out so check out the pics and videos and let us know what you think. You can also see more videos on our You Tube page at; www.youtube.com/nsaneproductions.
Below are images and videos from the 2014 Louisville Bikini contest held May 30th 2014. This contest determined who would go out to Las Vegas to represent their store in the International Contest that is held once a year. The winner of that contest for 2013 was Marissa Raisor from the Newport KY. location I happen to frequent. This contest was no joke, had some serious competition there but again, a girl from the Newport location, Ms. Megan Freeman won a coveted spot to be in the Las Vegas show, hopefully the Nsane Cameras will be there also!
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